Meet the Rapido staff

Rapido JasonJASON SHRON founded Rapido Trains Inc. in 2003 and incorporated the company in November 2004. Jason is very well known in the Canadian model railroad community and author of the book TurboTrain: A Journey. Jason is the owner of the popular CanModelTrains internet discussion group. Jason is also “The Guy with the Train in his Basement.” Click here for more info. Jason is married with three gorgeous children, Boaz, Dalya and Issac, as well as some Cybermen and Ice Warriors.

Jason’s wife, SIDURA LUDWIG is a Canadian author. Her first novel, Holding My Breath, was published in 2007 and she is working on book #2 (not easy to do with three kids around the house). Please Click Here to visit Sidura’s web site and please tell your family about it. You can order her book from the Rapido Trains Swag Store.

Rapido BillBILL SCHNEIDER is our product development guru. Bill has been involved in the retail, wholesale and manufacturing aspects of model railroading since 1982 and was responsible for product development at Branchline Trains since forever. Bill’s New York, Ontario and Western double-deck layout has been featured in oodles of magazines and books and he has a pretty damn fine British Great Western Railway (GWR) layout too. We gave up trying to convince Bill to buy a full-size passenger car so we bought one ourselves!

dan-in-chinaDAN GARCIA just started turning up at the Rapido office one day and after a while we decided to adopt him. Now fully grown he has become our full-time specialist in customer and dealer service, layout building, sample building and testing, things that light up, DCC, sound, communications – heck, he does just about everything. Dan responds well to bribery provided that it is related to modern Canadian commuter operations and traction. Money seems to be of no interest to him.

jordan-smithJORDAN SMITH is a recent addition to Rapido and comes with over 25 years’ experience in Model Railroading. He’s been an HO modeler since age 7 and also worked for over a decade at George’s Trains. After working for several years at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, he joined Rapido in early 2016. Jordan handles much of our customer service, answering the phone and responding to emails. He also makes sure shipments are processed in a timely fashion and sent out. In addition he helps at train shows, works on the restoration of our Pullman Standard sleeper Edmundston and is learning how to repair all of Rapido’s past and present products. For some reason however he never seems to have anything to do. He also won’t stop asking Jason to make an Amtrak RTL Turboliner. He’s so fired.

Rapido Other DanDAN DARNELL is a well-rounded figure in the Canadian model railroading scene. He worked at George’s Trains in Toronto and Markham for 20 years (manager for 15), so much so that everyone thought that his name was George. Dan is extremely knowledgeable about Canadian and American railroads. His slide collection makes other slide collections jealous. He is an accomplished custom painter. We would link to his custom painting web site but we don’t want him to be working on anyone else’s crap. Just ours. Dan developed our line of Proto-Paint which is proving to be a huge success, even if our American distributors haven’t figured out that we make paint yet. Our new line of buses was Dan’s idea. Well, it was Jason’s idea after Dan kept leaving bus stuff around Jason’s office. When not visiting hobby shops or drawing buses, Dan is working on a major new locomotive project with more variations than the Ultimate Variation Monster Machine.

Rapido ThomasTHOMAS BLAMPIED is well connected in Ontario railfan circles. He’s been an active photographer and modeller for much of his life and he’s published a number of books, including one on Ontario Northland, which you can order here. Thomas is helping with our customer service inquiries and is very good at warranty repairs. He is diligent and takes great pride in his work. Thomas also answers most of our technical support and warranty emails now, so if you have any issues with Rapido products please get in touch with him through the contact page of our web site.

Fran Drescher - The Nanny

JANET GOLFMAN is Rapido’s financial services officer. She makes sure we pay our bills and, even more importantly, she makes sure that our customers pay theirs. If you are one of our customers and you have an accounting question, she is the person for you. In addition to that, she can be found trying to keep Jason’s feet on the ground, wringing Jordan’s neck, sticking her nose in everyone’s business and wondering why Jason had to have a love of trains and not woman’s shoes.

RICHARD LONGPRE (For those of you outside of Canada, that’s pronounced Long-PRAY). Richard is known as Monsieur l’Expert. He has forgotten more about Canadian passenger cars than any of us will ever know. He’s owned 84 different real passenger cars at various times in the last 20 years. Richard provides all of our French translation, and puts up with Jason asking for things to be translated by “last Tuesday.” If you want to get in touch with Richard, send an email to our main address and we’ll forward it to him.

Gone, but not forgotten…

Rapido MikeMIKE McGRATTAN, a well-known N scale modeller from Peterborough, Ontario, was a key member of the Rapido team until he sadly passed away in May 2016. Mike’s N scale Puddington Valley layout is a fictional Canadian Pacific subdivision set in the BC interior in 1973 and was featured in N Scale Magazine and Canadian Railway Modeller. Mike was into N scale for almost 30 years and to commemorate his contribution to our great hobby and to help his family out, we are taking reservations for an N Scale Mike McGrattan Memorial Gondola, decorated in the CP-inspired paint scheme of the Puddington Valley Lines.

Where Can I Purchase Your Products?
Rapido Trains Inc. products can be ordered from any hobby retailer or directly from us. All prices shown are MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). Dealer may sell for less.

With the exception of some accessory items, all Rapido Trains Inc. products are produced strictly to reservations placed before the appropriate order deadlines. Avoid missing out by reserving in advance with your dealer. To make sure that you do not miss a deadline sign up for our newsletters.

What About Previous Releases?
Our web site lists currently available or upcoming products only. Rapido Trains Inc. has produced many other cars in the past that may still be on dealers shelves. For a complete Excel listing of all products, past and present, right-click here and "Save as..." to a location on your computer.