HO Scale Trucks and Wheelsets

HO Scale Trucks and Wheelsets

Rapido Trains Inc. offers a variety of styles of HO scale passenger and freight trucks as well as replacement metal wheelsets designed to fit into most other HO trucks.

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  • Fully Detailed including brake shoes in line with the wheel treads
  • Correct sideframe lettering moulded on each truck
  • Smooth and free-rolling operation
  • Turned metal Insulated RP-25 wheelsets


  • Accurate turned metal construction
  • Blackened
  • RP-25 flanges
  • Insulated on one side
  • Standard “Code 100” and semi-scale “Code 88” treads available

HO Passenger Car Trucks

41-BNO-11 OUTSIDE Swinghanger Trucks

HO Freight Car Trucks

HO Barber 70-ton truck with roller bearing inserts

HO Wheelsets

HO stndard tread wheelsets