HO Scale Amtrak “Cabbage” NPCU

HO Amtrak “Cabbage” NPCU



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In the 1990s, Amtrak began a rebuild program to convert F40PH locomotives into Non-Powered Control Units (NPCUs). These NPCUs allow “push-pull” service and eliminate the need to turn a train at terminals. The locomotive engineer controls the locomotive from the cab in the NPCU. During the conversion the prime mover and traction motors were removed and a large roll-up baggage door was added to the sides. This gave the NPCUs the nickname “Cabbages,” for cab-baggage car.

NPCUs are in service today on numerous routes in California, the northwest, the midwest and the northeast.


Image courtesy: Matt Donnelly

The Model

The Rapido Amtrak NPCU is not just our F40 model with a few bells and whistles added. We have tooled up a completely new body based on a common Phase 1 NPCU design. It features operating ditch lights, accurate enlarged marker lights, supplementary air reservoirs, K5LA horn, and other accurate NPCU details.

Unlike the real Cabbage, our NPCU is fully powered. You need all the power you can get to pull your “Amsleds”, and the Rapido NPCU will give your train the extra oomph! necessary to meet your layout’s demanding passenger timetables.

Please note that Rapido doesn’t make unpowered engines. They cost us exactly $6 less than a powered engine (the cost of the motor), so there is no major cost savings to having an unpowered model NPCU.


The Rapido Amtrak NPCU is available in five different paint schemes:

Amtrak Phase III
Amtrak Phase IV
Amtrak Phase IV Downeaster

Amtrak Phase V (Swoosh!)
Amtrak California

The MSRP is $299.95 (DC/DCC/Sound) and $199.95 (DC/Silent) in the United States and the rest of the world. In Canada, the MSRP is $349.95/$249.95. 

Our factory is busy making RDCs so we’re keeping the order deadline on these items a little longer. We won’t keep it open for long so get your order in now!

Delivery date is 2017.

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Image courtesy: Matt Donnelly


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